The first day you open the school door


Vetoshkino, Russia.


By Yuqi whose native language is Chinese. Yuqi was in 10th grade when he wrote this and had been studying in America for two  years.

NOT everyone uses a spoon, knife and fork to eat. Some people use chopsticks. We’re all different because we come from different countries. You can’t treat all people the same way because we are not the same. Life makes us different. Each person’s situation is very different and life does not let some people learn as much as other people, or do things the same way.      

     If all people lived in the same country, if they had the same holidays, and the same language then we wouldn’t have to worry about learning different cultures or languages. We could live without the word “foreign”. That seems like it would be good. Differences can cause problems, but I still would choose a world with differences because life is so much more interesting that way. One culture is not better than another. Each has it’s own beauty. But some people do not have the chance to learn that.      

     When I first met people who were not Chinese, I felt a little scared. You can’t imagine what it feels like when you come to a new school and you open the school door and everyone looks at you. They want to know who you are and why you don’t look like them. They always ask you lots of questions. At first when I talked to them I tried to calm myself down because I was nervous. But you can’t just sit alone, you have to make friends. You can’t worry about your language. You just try to speak slowly and work until they understand what you are saying. 

     For me, moving to a new place is like discovering a new island. I have to explore it and I have to know what is on the island because I have to live there. I tried to learn the language and ways of my new island because you have to have confidence in yourself when other people do not understand you. It’s hard but you have to keep learning and never give up in a new place. I think foreign students like me should be calm, and you will see your life is changing, even if slowly. 

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