For years, Alona and her son, Andrei, took English lessons together.  Now that he is at university, Alona continues her English lessons alone. In January, her teacher gave her the assignment to make up a story about a beautiful photo. Her story was so popular, we asked Alona to do it again! 
[Photo courtesy Unsplash!]

HAVE you ever been thirsty? Well, for example, after a ball game or a run, or just after a long walk on a hot day.
     I think that this sensation is familiar to everyone. That sensation when it seems like you will immediately wither like an autumn leaf . . . you will rustle and quietly fall to the ground. When you feel this even a little bit, you are ready to drink from a fountain and feel the water in your parched throat!
     So, when the Sun, having worked hard for the whole day, really wants to drink, it sneaks a ray through the clouds. The beam sneaks between the clouds so that it is not noticed and dives into the water. He bathes, shimmers a rainbow on the surface, and drinks, drinks, drinks . . . .  
     And then there is a lucky man who manages to see this magical picture. He needs to quickly make a wish and, through the clouds, along with drops of water, it will fly to the sky. And if he puts enough effort into his wish it will to come true! —Alona


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