Our “hilltop” 

Nangi village sits on the terrace in the photo above. Photo courtesy Himanchal Education Foundation.

Mina is a vibrant, constantly smiling, and equally hard working teacher at the high school in the village of Nangi, Nepal. She also takes English lessons with a tutor in America via Skype.  Mina’s native language is Nepali. Here, in her first story for InterestEng., she tells us about life in her heaven-crowned village.  Welcome, Mina!

Marija Grujovska

Mohare. Photo courtesy Marija Grujovska


Photo courtesy HEM

“Welcome” in Napali.


THE name of my village is Nangi. It is a very beautiful village so I love my village and villagers because they are very kind, helpful, and friendly. About 600 hundred people live in Nangi. The people have different occupations. Some are teachers, some are farmers, some carpenters.

     We can see beautiful mountain ranges easily from my village. It's more beautiful when it’s snowy and then we play too much. (Haaa!)

     There is an important hill top which is Mohare Hill. Many tourists and local people go there to see the nice view and sunrise.

     Nepal has a more villages than the towns. Most of the people live in the village area. Our major occupation is agriculture. We produce potatoes, corn, barley, and so on.

     We get fresh food from our farms. Especially, my villagers grow up vegetables and potatoes. They sell them to earn money. I also plant little potatoes and vegetables and cut grass for our cows. (Uffffffff!)  

     We love visitors!  We hope you will come soon to visit in Nangi. —Mina 

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