Our beautiful children

Kavita is a bright, vibrant young teacher working with Akshara in its primary school.  Kavita’s native languages are Hindi and Marathi. She takes English lessons with The School Inside. We asked her to tell InterestEng. about the children she works with at Akshara. Thank you, Kavita, for this wonderful story! 

Photo courtesy Akshara


I WOULD like to tell you about the children and what they are like. Our children are really enthusiastic about new things. Every time they come to school they want us to teach them new things and they are trying hard to learn them. Actually there are no other resources in the village for them, but there are some things which are available in the villages like farms, wild animals, trees, and nature. So they always try to learn new things from them.  

     These resources are actually more available in the villages than in the cities. The children are living in nature atmosphere. Their parents are doing farming on their farms. The children are also helping them. There is a river in the village so when they have a school holiday they go to the river for swimming and enjoying being active. There are also many fruit trees in the village like mango, guava, and custard apple.  When they have holidays, they are taking fruits right from the actual trees.

     Akshara is trying to provide them some other resources like our Khelghar classes. [Khelghar means “play group”.]  Already there is a school in the village and they are going to the school every day, but the school is teaching them just by book language. Akshara is trying to teach them by activity base education.  So they are learning it very quickly by activity base teaching methods.

      Akshara is providing classes from 1st to 10th grade but there is also more work which Akshara is doing with the rural community. There is also Sanitation, Kruti, Samanvay, and Computer lab of Akshara. So now I am telling you about each unit. In sanitation, Akshara is trying to collect plastic from the villages by the students and is trying to keep our villages more clean. Kruti is a stitching [sewing] unit where village women are working. Samanvay is a canning center.  So this the some information about Akshara. —Kavita

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