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For earth to be “home,” and not a place of divided nations, is only a question of education.


EVERYONE must think about one important thing, one important part of life: why was I born here?  It is such a deep question. Why was I born here and not there? Why is this my life, my country, my parents, my city, the point of my life.  Why am I here and not there?  If I love myself, my country, and my point in life, I can begin to understand the purpose of my life. We have a saying, “Where I was born, there I am needed.”  It is the basic relationship to our place, to where we are. 

      It is everyone’s question to consider for himself or herself. Some may think, “Life would be better there—or there.” But we return again to the question: Why was I born in my country? For me, my country is a part of me.  If I think that my country is not a part of me, I could lose a big part of my heart and soul. Every country has its good parts and not so good. But each country is part of our world. Sometimes things are not pleasant, but if we think of the whole—if we understand that we are all part of each other on this one earth that we have—we will not be so disrespectful toward other nations. We will respect that each country is someone’s home.  —Jane

……………………………………….The author studied English in school and uses Jane as her English name. She uses English in her professional work and in making worldwide friends. 

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