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Photo courtesy Akshara


Seema is a gentle, loving, and determined young teacher working with Akshara in its primary school. Seema’s native languages are Hindi and Marathi. She takes English lessons with The School Inside. We asked her to tell InterestEng. about the children she works with at Akshara. Thank you, Seema, for this touching story!

I WOULD like to tell about the children and what they are like. The children are from a village and their school is in the village.  All families are from farming backgrounds. Many of them are poor. Some are traders and some of the children are from different places.   

     The children like to play games. The boys play cricket, kho-kho, kabaddi, langdi and many such running games.  There are many games which they like to play.  

      First, I like to teach them how to enjoy every moment and do what they like to do. Also they are encouraged to do everything to make their lives happy. It doesn’t matter if we fall down. We can stand up and try again. And also I like to teach them English. —Seema

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