Insights of a tutor

When Anne from Ireland began to tutor teachers in Nangi, Nepal, she was determined to make the experience more than English lessons. In the space of a few short weeks, she and her lady students had achieved a truly special and rare relationship—the real reason to learn another language.   See related story here.


Photo courtesy Kaz


AFTER a couple of weeks without contact, thankfully, I made contact with Nangi again today.  The connection was sporadic so the actual time spent in conversation was only about 25 minutes in total, but it was quality. The ladies are gaining in confidence.  And they seem very interested and responsive.  I do my best and hope that it makes some difference to the lives of others. I gain a great deal from the experience too! 
     Connecting such remote communities to a wider world (with a view to helping them improve their life chances),
as well as showing them the value their own culture has for us in the West, is important to me. World peace, like any peace, can be built on the simple principle of respect.  Thank you for this opportunity. It is a privilege.  —Anne

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