If I could write those sayings

Photo courtesy Unsplash!

     Pelagaeya, a 9th grade high school student from Russia, started writing for us when she was in 4th grade. Her stories have always been marked by a great sense of humor, and this story is no different!

VALENTINE’S day in Russia is very funny. Everywhere there are pink hearts and balloons, but you have to ask, Who are they really for? People who already have a boyfriend or girl- friend don’t buy these things (because they know they should buy something more special), and people who don’t have a friend are sad when they see them. Maybe the people who make these things are the ones who buy them. I don’t know!
       In Russia, we don’t have the little candies I saw in this picture, but if we did, I would write funny things to make people laugh.  For example:

I hope you don’t prefer flowers. 

Eat me!


Fake food.

Found uneaten in an Egyptian pyramid.

Save and use again next year.

Chocolate is better.

Take 2 and make a butterfly.

     Instead of Valentine’s Day, if I could, I would make a “little miracles” day when a little miracle would happen to everyone.  Not a big miracle, just a little one.  That would be enough. That would be a really happy day.  —Pelagaeya


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