Honest conversations (part 1)


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INTERESTENG TUTOR: Do you think young people are happy today or, despite everything, perhaps actually bored with life?

STUDENT:  I think they’re sad. They don’t understand the reason for so many bad things. What’s the point of life if there is so much that’s terrible?  Well, actually, I think only people who think a lot are sad, and not those who don’t think a lot.

     I have to really fight to be happy.  If I don’t fight feeling sad, I don’t feel human.  I make myself go out for a walk, or make myself do something creative. I don’t pretend to be happy but I make myself be happy.  It reminds me of the cartoon, “Hilda”. It’s for little kids but, still, I like it. I try to be like her and find life and interesting things everywhere.

     As far as TV and computers, I think they make you bored. TV gives you no choice about what you see. You have to watch what they produce. It’s not like a library where I can choose the book I want to read and when I want to read it. Computers and internet are even worse. They’re a trap.  You feel you have a choice but you don’t. You’re being controlled. The internet gives you a feeling of freedom but it is making you not free.

      School is hard for a lot of students because we know that most teachers just want us to do what they say so they will look good and get a good review for themselves. They don’t really want us to learn.  For example. Sometimes for homework you’re told to write your opinion about something. But everyone knows you can’t. You have to write what the teacher wants you to write.  That’s one reason why I don’t like homework.  I also don’t like doing the same thing over and over again. It’s boring and it’s not learning.  

                                                                                                            — An honest student


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