Happiness is respecting others

Coco’s native language is Chinese. She was 13, in the 7th grade in China, when she wrote this. Reprinted from a 2013 issue of InterestEng.


Market scene in Kashgar. Photo above courtesy Susan Stark. 


MOST of the students in China are the only children in their families. They are used to getting everything they want. Some think only about themselves. One day I was taking the bus to school and it was very crowded. I looked around and there were no free seats. Then a young woman said, “Young girl, you can sit here because I’m getting off the bus.” I thanked her very much. Later I saw an elderly man get on the bus. No one was getting up for him. I was very upset so I said, “Grandpa, you can sit here.” He was so happy and told me, “Oh child, you are a good child. Thank you!” That made me happy because I did a good deed.

     When I was 6 years old my parents began to teach me to respect other people. I think it’s important that we respect our parents, our  teachers, class- mates and others. Showing respect is important. When we do that we become happy and welcoming to others. Respecting others is one way we can repay our parents for their love
for us.  
Coco, Miss Rai’s Class


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