Getting the world on the right bus

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This student was able to leave Afghanistan last September and enter a college in the U.S. where she had been accepted the year before. 

HAVE been working at the lab but that has finished now. It was only for the month of June. But I have started an even more exciting (but probably really exhausting too!) job today!!! And it will go all July.

     There are many international students (from Portugal, France, Italy, and Spain) coming
to my college for an English Language Program that is offered in the summer. They will be learning English in the morning, but in the afternoons they will go to New York to see the sights (the 9/11 Memorial, Times Square, Broadway, the Statue of Liberty, etc.) So, I will be working as a chaperone for one of the groups when they go out. I will have to make sure we get the right bus, the ferry, the train, and be where we have to be and also get them food and make sure they are all safely back on campus. 

     Today it was their arrival, so we were welcoming them, taking them to their rooms and making sure they get food and collecting all their necessary documents. I am so excited to be able to do this job! It is such a wonderful feeling to be able to help others. One of the girls who came in today (from France) was really tired and when we took her to her room and told her that she didn't have a roommate she started crying. (It was really unexpected! Usually many people don’t like to have roommates!) I think it is her first time travelling without her family and she said that not having a roommate made her feel really lonely. But I was so glad that my friend and I were with her! We tried to tell her that we know exactly how she felt, because we were also international students and it can be sad to travel alone for the first time! I think for her to know that she wasn't the only one to feel that way, comforted her a little bit. We sadly cannot change her room, but hopefully she doesn’t feel lonely as she gets to know other students in the program. 

     So, I am VERY looking forward to this new adventure! —Frozan 

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