For some invisible beauty

Photo courtesy Ablimit Ablet, Unsplash!


Our own Chia.


Students learning English are often given a photo to look at and write about.  In this assignment, our favorite classical musician, Chia, who is now study-ing at a music conservatory in Italy, was asked to write in 50 words or less why classical musicians always wear their best clothes to perform in.

THE classical musicians have given us the tradition of dressing very elegantly. It is, in part, because of the period during which this style of music was born. Classical music was played and composed for kings and courts.  But inside of the heart of the composers, I think they dressed this way for other reasons.  
     Then and now the musicians play for some invisible beauty, not for a king, but for above. When I dress well I feel so good. It helps me give what I have to give. The music compels me to honor it.  —

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