The letter “W” 

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Writers for InterestEng. were given the assignment to chose a letter of the alphabet and make up a story of how that letter came to be. Our readers have enjoyed these stories almost more than any others in InterestEng.    And WE enjoyed this surprise story from one of our readers!

I LOVE W.  Don’t you? It is the only letter in the alphabet that  is more than one syllable. The story of W, however, begins with poor U. He felt as if all his thoughts were just floating away because the top of his head was bare.  The Alphabet Maker refused to give him a cap like O, but he did relent and give him a buddy: a double U.  Now U is happy.  He has a new friend that follows him. But more than that, his friend is different from all the other letters.
     This story was written by me, Winnie, because I have my very own W!

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