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Writers for InterestEng. were given the assignment to chose a letter of the alphabet and make up a story of how that letter came to be. In this light-hearted story, Kavita tells us how the letter “K” came to be.  Kavita is a bright, vibrant young teacher working with Akshara, in the Pune region of India, in its primary school system. Kavita’s native language is Marathi. She takes English lessons with The School Inside.

ONCE upon a time there was a village. The village’s name was Shileshwar and in that village there were two best friends. Their names were Kavita and Kaveri. But at that time there was no specific letter for the sound K

     One day the friends went to the jungle. They saw a big stone and they said, “It would be so nice if we could write our names on that big stone.” But they didn’t know how to write the letter for the sound K. Suddenly a bird came near them and started to sing a song. When the bird sang the song, the girls saw that its beak made a beautiful shape! The shape looked like this:  <  

     After that they saw many birds and the beaks of all the birds had the same beautiful shape when they sang and talked to each other.  The girls wrote their names with this new letter K on that big stone. They were so happy! 

     So when you see the letter K, remember Kavita and Kaveri, please, and all the beautiful birds in the world singing to each other.   Kavita

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