Motivated by music

     Chia is from Iraqi-Kurdistan. He is an extremely talented (and humble) classical musician currently studying at a conservatory in Italy.  Here is talks about a few of his most recent, motivating experiences. 

I HAVE a good friend from Germany who plays cello. For one year Sylvia studied at my conservatory in Italy.  We became really close friends. We were talking in English at first and then, after one year, we were talking in Italian too. At the end of one year she went back to Germany. Now she’s studying conducting in Germany. She also plays with a special orchestra. Their working together is very inspiring.  It is made up of people from Austria, Germany, Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary, and Bosnia-Herzegovina.  

In Slovakia

Photo courtesy Chia


     Recently, the orchestra was to play in many countries including Slovenia, which is not far from the city I live in, in Italy. Sylvia invited me to her concert. I left early in the morning and went to Slovenia by bus arriving in the capital of Ljubljana (which is very beautiful but very hard to spell). Two hours later I arrived and found myself in a world two centuries earlier. It was amazing. It was literally like going back in time.  I spent the day with myself exploring the city whose beauty is on every side.       
     That night I went to the concert. They presented such a beautiful concert! It motivated me so much! Music always does that. It makes you want to live more. That also happens when you travel. You can be a child again.  You can live and explore, and do things you do not do in your own city where it is so easy for life to become small.   

     Two weeks later I played several concerts with my Conservatory orchestra. The concerts were wonderful.  There was something very special that happened, that meant so much to me. The maestro introduced me and said that I was here studying in Italy from Kurdistan. People applauded so warmly. It made me feel so good. I felt good because I felt their kindness was for my people, not just me. That meant so much to me.      
     And there is one more special thing to say. There is a young girl who plays in our orchestra.  Her name is Sara.  She is only fourteen-years-old.  She is so amazing!  She is both kind and humble. When she plays I feel so motivated!  She can’t imagine how much her playing motivates me to try harder. —Chia

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