A sister’s caring brother

Sangam is InterestEng.’s newest writer and we are so pleased to welcome him. He is from Nepal and recently graduated from medical school. He has spent the last year working in a village in the mountains, but will soon return to Kathmandu to oversee his sister’s wedding. Sangam has been studying English with The School Inside for the last five months. His tutor recently gave him the assignment of writing a letter to his sister about her upcoming wedding and he kindly agreed to share it with us. Thank you and welcome, Sangam!  


Photo illustration. It is not the sister in this story.  Photo courtesy Himanchal Education Foundation

Courtesy Christopher Brown, Unsplash!

Photos courtesy elCarito, Unsplash!


Dear Sister,
     As the wedding day gets nearer, we are 
already involved in  the arrangements for your marriage ceremony. You do not have to worry about anything. By the time you arrive in Kathmandu everything will be managed perfectly. Until then, you should focus on your studies and work.
     I already started talking to the groom’s family and they agreed to wed you and your future husband in this relationship as partners for rest of your life on the 30th of April. The groom’s family will arrive in Kathmandu on the 29th of April. I booked the A--- Club on that date to hold the ceremony. We estimate that around 300 people will attend the wedding. I have made a rough list of our guests. I have made an order for around 300 invitation cards. I will attach the samples of invitation cards with this letter so you can tell me which one to select. I’ll start giving the invitation cards to our relatives and friends when I get back to Kathmandu after I complete my contract and work in the hospital in Myagdi.     
     Mother has given the order for a traditional wedding costume. She told me that other clothing, the make-up kits, the Heena painting equipment and ornaments for the wedding will be available two weeks before you arrive in Nepal.     
     So be happy to know that the arrangements are going smoothly. I assure you that process will speed up when I get to Kathmandu after I finish my contract in the hospital. Please let me know about your choices for your wedding costume and ornaments so that we can find you the best.

     Your loving and caring brother,

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