OUR Skype lesson wasn’t going well. My muppet puppets didn’t get the girls’ attention. Their favorite song didn’t lift their heads from whatever was distracting them. Holding my cat up to the screen produced a brief, “Hello, Mr. Poppins.”  But you don’t scold refugee children. You wait and love more.  My little Syrian students were usually very attentive, so their total lack of cooperation this day could be forgiven. But it was nearly the end of the lesson and we hadn’t accomplished any- thing.  “Fatima, Alaa,” I called out gently. . . . 

    “Dafta!” (“Just a minute!”)  Children have no sense of time, I reminded myself.  And these two are so young. I looked again at the clock. Finally I said, “Alaa, Fatima, Good-bye.”  Their little heads shot up, “No!”  Their voices sounded desperate.  I waited. Suddenly they held up a large torn piece of yellow paper. I don’t know who taught them to write the words.  They are barely able to write in their own native Arabic. But in perfect English it said:  We  loVeyou  Msr  ChiPs   

     So there it was, the lesson:  love that nothing can interrupt or stop, not even the horrors of war. Msr ChiPs 

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Could you repeat that?


Fill your heart with what’s important and be done with all the rest.—author unknown

2> Until . . .

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3> Because they are talented

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4>  My most wonderful gift

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4> The most amazing gift

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.  5> But beyond compassion . . .

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  6>  Higher education: a gift for a few or a right for all?

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 7> The unexpected gift

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