THE reason for learning (as seen in several of our stories this month) seems slowly to be changing.  There is a new yearning    to learn, not to the end of an upper-class career, but because the lifelessness of merely “going along” with “how things are” is giving way to thinkers and thinking And that is very hopeful.
                                                                                  — Mrs.Chips

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Could you repeat that?


“Afghanistan is a country hungry for ideas.” 
             Freshta, a student

3> The “mountain” called Mother

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4> Apricots and Peaches

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5> Time for thinkers

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6> Not afraid of truth


 7> Responsible news

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8> The road to Bamyan

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                                     195 BOOKS con’t. 

• GHANA  My first coup d’etat [cover photo of a six-year-old  boy; cleverness intended]. John Dramani Mahama. This autobio-graphy is, like so much in Ghana, dignified and gracious. Written beautifully, cleverly and even poetically, it gives a lovely feel for the country, with its many surprising cultural traditions as well as its amazing resilience during the difficult times the country has been through.  This is a very good read.

• MAURITANIA  Under an African sky. Peter Hudson. This is a rare find—the story of a man who has returned to one of the most challenging places on earth to live to help the local people, with grass roots efforts, restore water and forestation to their barren lands. The author is “soft-spokenly” honest about the people’s shortcomings while wonderfully able to see all that is good—and help strengthen it.  It is a beautiful story and an extremely wise example of “charitable” work that really works.               

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