FOR years I chose to travel to Russia in the middle of winter. Not only are the plane fares cheaper, but there is nothing more thrilling than deep, fresh untrodden snow—as far as your eyes can see.  There are more than a few adventures to be had in Russia in winter, but it is the unexpected that often shows us more of the good in our world than we might have seen otherwise, as so many of the stories in our December issue illustrate.  We found it truly a gift to read them.  Fortunately for us, these young writers have all dared to accept the adventure of plunging into their bigger world—and we are all better for it. — Mrs.Chips 

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195 books con’t.  An unforgettable journey to EGYPT awaits you to watch how (O.K., to read how) the great pyramid of King Khufu was built. If you don’t have time to add this subject to your wealth of knowledge, at least take 5 minutes to read the mind-boggling synopsis under “Category II: Good Reads • Egypt” on this page. /  Then heading south, we also journeyed to ETHIOPIA on a trip that can only be described as (literally) a “once in a life time” book. You’ll find it under Category I: Must Reads • “In Ethiopia with a Mule” on this page.


Could you repeat that?


Keep yourself clean and bright.  You are the window through which you see your world.” George Bernard Shaw

2> From Skype to Nepal (part 3)


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3>  Waiting for the tiger

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4>  The outdoor wedding

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5> The story of a snowflake

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6> The day I first saw snow

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 7> The answer was to lose my fear

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The things that never grow old

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