Apologies for such a short note this month, but after reading this month’s stories there was only one thing to say: What a wonder- ful world we live in.       

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Could you repeat that?

   “Home is the school of human virtues.” 
                     — Chinese proverb
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2> For some invisible beauty

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3> We have to give people a chance  

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4>  The letter P

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5> The Trek

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6> The dream of every Nepali boy

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 7> A twice funny tale

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8> What do you think?



                                       195 BOOKS con’t.

Little Princes. By Conor Grennan. If a book ever fell under the category of “Must Reads,” it is this one. It is the true story of one man and his close friend’s efforts to bring home the lost, “trafficked” children of Nepal to their families. It is one of the most hopeful, promising, heart-lifting, awe-inspiring books you could ever read. Indeed, at times, how Grennan managed to do what he did is almost Biblical in its proportions. Don’t be surprised if you can’t put it down.  

• SOUTH AFRICA: The Covenant. By James A. Michener. We almost put this book down . . . several times . . . and for various reasons.  But we’re very glad we kept reading.  The book not only must have been one of his most difficult to write, it is one of the most thought-stirring, thought-provoking books you could read. It uses the long history of South Africa to not only explain how apartheid came to be (and how “miraculous” its overthrow was), but as a lens through which to look at “man-made” religion and its effects in every corner of the world. The book is more than a little life-changing (for those not afraid to honestly examine the human condition) as it is so astonishingly objective. It does much to unveil the incredible “patience” with which oppression takes hold but how, inevitably, that hold will always be broken.    

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