A shadow appears on a tree just long enough for us to pause and notice it.  A grasshopper takes a royal flying leap and lands delicately on a leaf and looks back to see if we appreciate his feat. And a bee, having fallen asleep at the end of the day on a zucchini blossom, causes us to stop altogether at the thought of such a special bed.  And now you’ve stopped here to see what a child has left for you to see—hoping it would please you too.  Thank you for noticing their little, wondrous stories. — Mrs.Chips 

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195 books: ENGLAND. How do you choose a book from the land of 1000 famous authors?!
      We solved the problem by choosing a book about the Book from England that’s still regarded as the most influential in all of history. After reading 
In the Beginning by Alister McGrath, you can’t help but look in sheer amazement at the making of the King James Version of the Bible. It is a story of what decades of events did, and could not do, to prevent a Bible with such unparalleled determination to provide the accurate meaning of the original texts. The story of its making—over decades and against such incredible odds—quietly asserts why it will never be improved upon and why its very existence could calmly be called a miracle. This book is listed under “Good Reads” here.    


Could you repeat that?

I’m learning to appreciate the differences in the way time and circumstances dictate the rhythms of life  in other countries.”  

-Anne, tutor for The School Inside
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2> The Letter “K” 


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3> The Letter “W” 

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4> A sister's caring brother

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 5> Motivated by music 

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6> The song of Afghan women 

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7> The garden just for children

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