We learned recently that Native Americans were, and are, considered one of the most grateful peoples and cultures on earth.  It is very likely, in fact, that Native Americans,  not the Pilgrims, are the ones America has to thank for giving the country a day when both burdens and boastings are made to give way to counting our blessings.     
     So much in this month’s issue made us realize that we are deeply in debt to those cul- tures who, having the least materially and the most in way of misfortunes, are often the ones filled with the most gratitude for Life. This 
                                    issue is in honor of them. 
— Mrs.Chips 

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Could you repeat that?


“We lived in a very humble household, but my mother shined her light on it.” 
                         — Jose Sandoval

2>  Right this minute


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3> The alphabet poem

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4> Summer Challenge

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5> Thank you, young Afghan man

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6> Everything is in the view of it

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 7> A twice funny tale (2)


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8> Wonderful intelligence!



                                       195 BOOKS con’t.

The Wit and Wisdom of Dr. Mahathir Mohamed. By Mahathir Mohamed. This is definitely one of the most unique books you could ever read and one that gives more than a little food for thought (deep, honest thinking)!  Dr. Mohamed, the longest serving (22 years) Prime Minister of Malaysia is, from what we understand, considered a controversial figure. Yet, the incredible wisdom he expressed in a recent United Nations talk led us to search out a book about him and this was the result. His grasp of the meaning of democracy is no less evident than his willingness to call a spade, a spade.    

                                                  The full book list can be found here.  

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