The wonder of being warmly welcomed in a far-off country, of being able to experience its beauty firsthand, is a gift of gifts—and never to be taken lightly. But whatever expands our appreciation of the world—be it a story, a song, or a child’s generous smile, is greatly needed now. And so, each month our sincere hope is to add to that appreciation.     

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Could you repeat that?

Chen Hu

   “My friends’ 2 daughters in South Africa are happy to read InterestEng. and it will expand their knowledge of the world.”  —Ann
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2> Tour of a
Russian garden



3> Glorious South Africa  

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4> When English is more than words

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5> To progress: an interview

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6> When life is difficult,
we have to make it better

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 7> In many different languages

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8> For my parents’ sake



                                       195 BOOKS con’t.
SO. AFRICA. The World that was Ours. By Hilda Bernstein. We put this under “Must Reads” because it is such a needed testa- ment today of the power of moral courage. It is the story of the days leading up to the trial, as well as the testimony at the trial, sentencing Nelson Mandela and 10 other men to life in prison for the sake of challenging oppression in all its forms. It is a story that gives resounding voice to the point that freedom finds mean- ing only when it elevates the race. It is, as well, a sober reminder that freedom has a steep price: the tireless, tenacious preserva- tion of morality. Those living in So. Africa today have accom- plished no small thing, despite ongoing challenges.   

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