Our fifth harvest is an especially sweet one for us. Our students have become more than just the “receivers”.  They are as much the “givers” as the receivers, enriching the lives of both tutors and readers.  Like any good garden, the garden ultimately gives more to the gardener than he or she can give to the garden. Yet, if our students are an amazing “garden,” our readers give the garden its purpose.  And so, at this sweet season of harvest, our thanks to you all. Mrs.Chips 

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195 books:  PAKISTAN. Yesterday I was the Moon by Noor Unnahar. This modest book of poetry by a first-time author is a gem. Written by a young Pakistani woman whose family fled the country due to violence, she seems to have used her new home, America, to make her world better. This book not only touches the heart with its thoughtfulness but, equally important, proves that there is no culture that cannot enrich us with its beauty despite even the most turbulent histories.

AUSTRIA.  Mozart by Piero Melograni.  This is a very interest- ing read even for someone who does not really “understand” the music of Mozart.  It is a fascinating look into the culture of both Austria and Europe in that so much of the world at that time supported and understood the value of the arts.  Despite being a musical genius, it is clear that Mozart appeared at the perfect time in history to become what he was to become.      
     This biography is extremely readable and not intellectual.  As you read, the meaning of all classical music begins to take on new meaning. You may find yourself pausing to jump on the internet and listen to a clip of the music under discussion.  For example, the author tells us that at the time Mozart’s Ave Verum Corpus was written it was considered “the most elevated work of art that Mozart ever wrote”.  How can you not want to drop everything and listen to it?  Click HERE.

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Could you repeat that?

   “Spend 30 minutes each day listening to a child. 

2> The song of a farmer


3>  The unexpected “Love you”  

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4>  The answer was to lose my fear

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5> The long reach of love

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 6> Love is better than power

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7> Tic Tac Math!

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8>  When books were written

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9>  The letter “Q” 

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