In my part of the world, a day of gratitude precedes the holiday season which, despite the commercial- ism, is still thought of as a season of peace.  
     As we worked on this month’s issue, we could think of no better gifts we could wish our writers, our readers, and the world right now than reflected gratitude and peace.  
— Mrs.Chips 

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Could you repeat that?


“For generations our village has followed a tradition of seeing visitors as guests of God. You do not have to be rich to feed someone, you need only human warmth.” 
— From a small village in India

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Fix something broken!

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                                       195 BOOKS con’t.

The Lightess Sky. By Gulwali Passarlay. This definitely falls under the MUST READ category.  It is not an easy read, but neither is it overly or oppressively dark as it’s told by a young boy as only a boy could tell it. It’s the story of a 12-year-0ld  refugee’s journey from Afghanistan to England. It leaves your understanding quietly broadened, while innocently and uncon- sciously, chastising those who still think the mass displacement of people in the world today isn’t everyone’s problem to solve. [Picture the whole of Britain — or emptying Arizona, California, Washington state, Oregon and Alaska of all residents. That’s the number of people on earth today who’ve been driven from their homes. Half of them are children.]     

                                                 The full book list can be found here.  

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