Perhaps more than anything else, in the last  five years we have learned that the power of education is in creating thinkers; people who cannot be easily (or long) deceived. As such, education is the greatest weapon against all forms of oppression — especially the notion that there are problems without solutions.   As this month’s stories illustrate, wonderful ideas are no respecter of nations, but abundantly appear, grow, and take hold wherever there are thinkers. 
     Our warmest best wishes to all of you in the New Year.

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Could you repeat that?


Shoot for the moon. If you miss, you’ll end up in the stars. Unknown  

2> Sitting Together


3> A silk year to you

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4> The un-stereotype

Leonardo da Vinci

5> Every problem has an answer

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 6> When mountains wake up

Nathan Anderson
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7> Spring will always come



                                       195 BOOKS con’t.

The Faithful Scribe. By Shahan Mufti. This is a thoughtfully written book—and unique, in that the author, while born in the U.S., also lived many years in Pakistan, his ancestral home. As a result, the book brings an extremely helpful perspec- tive to those wanting to understand Pakistan and it’s relation to both the U.S. as well as to its regional neighbors. You will leave with a very different view of Pakistan, more insight into the total illegitimacy of the Taliban, and the reassurance that all people yearn for a true and honest “rule of law” and a throwing off of hatred and inhumanity.    
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