Birds are such brave little things:  flying to new, unknown places or over vast seas—or patiently chasing the dream of a wave slip- ping away. This month our writers reveal no less bravery or eagerness to discover not only new worlds, but to make our world better.   We keep saying it, but still mean it: we’re so touched by what they show us. — Mrs.Chips 

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195 books: AMERICA. We have 2 “Must Reads” from America and 1 “Good Read”.  Together they give a thought-provoking look at the cost, the promise, the work, and the responsibility of free- dom.  The first “Must Read” is David McCullough’s incredible history, 1776. Less well known, but equally significant is his work, Johnstown Flood. This 2nd book should be required reading for all college graduates.  
     The 3rd book is Alexander Rose’s work, Washington’s Spies.  It is the little told story of how General Washington—unable to outfight the strongest military power on earth—brought about the truly impossible independence of the colonies by outwitting the enemy through relentlessly uncovering their plans, means, and methods.
Washington’s persistence, along with the dedica- tion, bravery and patience of the spies, finally wore out the will  of the mighty British Empire. The full book list is found here.    


Could you repeat that?

Thank you so much for sharing my story. It really feels good when you have the ability of sharing your ideas with others.”
                       —Sajia, Afghanistan
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2> Vision and wisdom


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3> In honor of mothers 

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4> The unexpected journey

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 5> The Grinch who couldn’t steal Nowruz either

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6> Kid’s Can! 

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7> Tickety-boo to you!

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