MARCH 21st marks the New Year in many countries and the start of Spring in others. For our young students in Afghanistan, it’s also the start of a new school year, bringing with it the excitement of learning something new every day.  This month we also welcome a new writer, our first from Morocco!  That led us to the fun discovery that Morocco celebrates no less than 3 new years: the January first New Year, the Higgrea (also spelled Hijri) New Year and the Amazigh New Year. That’s the joy of learning new things; it’s a reminder that today is a new beginning. — Mrs.Chips 

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Could you repeat that?


The ink of a scholar is 1000 times more powerful than the blood of a martyr
                    —Hamdulla Mohib  

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3> Integrity Talent Show (Really!)


4> Simple Solutions: hard work

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5> There’s no taste like home

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 6> Between a dream and reality,
a step called . . .

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7> Thirsy

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8> The sunlight of education



                                      195 BOOKS con’t.

• AUSTRALIA:  The Boy Behind the Curtain.  Tim Winton.  The best part about this book is that it was sent to us as a gift by an Australian friend. This collection of short stories was so good, so readable, we read it in a week and promptly ordered two more books by Winton.  He’s as humble as he is unapologetically honest. Be ready to think about many things—and order more books by him.  (Don’t be thrown by the opening chapter. It is very serious, but the book includes a whole range of stories from light-hearted boyhood pranks to environmental victories.)        

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