FLYING among the clouds, sitting in a kitchen and chatting with someone halfway around the world—or looking down on it through the eyes   of a drone are as commonplace these days as munching a red apple. Even these wonders are losing their awe. That makes it the perfect time to return and stand in awe—not of technology— but of life: a leaf ’s silent, fair unfolding, loving-kindness springing up between strangers, or a place in the world where children are taught to leap up and dance in defiance of fear.  — Mrs.Chips 

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Could you repeat that?


English Tutor: What are all the ways you could describe a day?
Student: A day is a gift. A day is an opportunity. A day is a responsibility. A day is God’s gratitude.

2> One conversation

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3> Stand in awe


4> Simple Solutions: strangers no more


5> The sun of our family

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 6> Letters to my friend

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7> Learning to make bread

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8>Lessons from The Giving Tree

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                                                             195 BOOKS con’t.

• ALAS!  That’s not a book title. We’ve hit a bit of a problem. We’ve read several books (far too many, in fact) that we hoped would be good but, alas, keep finding that authors (publishers?) have forgotten that our heads are not garbage cans into which they have the liberty to pour all manner of foul words and worth- less experiences. We’ll keep searching for ones worth your time and integrity.       
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